Some people have already seen the light and others are newcomers are pleasently surprised when visiting Hua Hin. This tropical destination is nothing less than a golfers paradise with more than 9 international recognized golf courses and many more driving ranges. This south-eastern pearl is truly something unique.

Even though most of the golf courses in Hua Hin are relatively young and unknown, compared to American or English golfc ourses, you might be surprised about the quality, service and general play when golfing in Hua Hin. The golf courses in Hua Hin are often very challenging and offers beautiful surroundings and amazing facilities seldomly available in Europe or America. Every golf course in Hua Hin offers private caddies that will help and guide you around the course. Thailand has 3 different seasons.

The cool season (November - February), the warm (March - June) and the rain season (July - October). The warmest month in Thailand is April where the temperature can be above 35 degrees celsius. Some might think that playing golf during the rain season would be a doll experience, but one has to remember that the rain in Hua Hin falls in very intense and short bursts which means that it will rain for a few hours and then stop for the rest of the day. This helps cool the air and give you a perfect golfing environment.